When our new baby are born with their beautiful smooth skin, our natural instinct is to protect it.

But it can be difficult to determine the best approach with a range of conflicting information available, from old wives tales to new philosophies, advice from relatives, books, the internet – the list goes on!

According to Associate Professor Greg Goodman, all babies should Consider as having sensitive skin, particularly during the first few months of their life.

One of the skin’s important functions is to act as a barrier.

infantile skin does not function as well as adult skin in this role. This reduces barrier function increases the potential for the skin to develop irritation in response to whatever it exposes to.

It also increases what  absorbs into the body via the skin, including any chemicals.

Finally, this poor barrier function means that babies also lose water and heat more easily through their skin.

These risks are greater particularly in premature infants, as well as infants with certain skin conditions such as eczema/dermatitis.

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