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Honeylulu Seat Belt Waist Stool Sling For Newborns Baby

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Babys Seat Belt Waist Stool Sling For Newborns Baby:


1. When doing housework, children often cry and need your care. So you can’t do housework and have back pain.

2. When going shopping or taking a walk, you need to hold children all day. When chatting with others, you’re afraid of the baby falling.

3. When hiking, except for some goods, you need to take care of the baby.

At this time, you need a light and breathable baby sleeping tool, so that the baby seems to be in the mother’s arms, full of security. Mothers liberate hands and save more worry.


1. Baby carriers buckle fastener: with a fastener to fix, safe and secure;

2. Baby carriers pocket design: front pocket can be placed in mobile phone, saliva towel, and other sundries, convenient and practical;

3. Double-protection design: use stickers and safety fastener, double-safe;

4. Wide shoulder straps: according to ergonomics, carefully designed, very labor-saving, and increase force area;

5. Soft fill cushion: 15mm soft cushioning cushion, taking care of baby’s bottom;

6. Foldable neck part: can fold when the baby is in the front and won’t block the baby’s view; can fold down to protect the baby’s neck when the baby falls asleep;

7. Environmentally-friendly and innocuous EPP core: Polypropylene is treated to form a honeycomb arrangement, which is light and tough. After deformation, slowly spring back; and has anti-seismic, environmentally friendly, and safe cushion material for support;

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