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Hu-Baby Vibrating Chair

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    The product is suitable for babies from birth to 18 kg (about 3-4 years old


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Vibrating Hu – Baby Chair Our babies will be extremely excited with the shimmering colorful chair, soft cushion, gentle vibration motion to help baby fall asleep easily and soundly.
There are 2 modes Parents: Standing mode is used when the baby sits and plays or when the mother feeds the baby. Vibration mode will help your baby quickly fall asleep and gradually adapt to independent sleep.
Special: The chair is the perfect place for your baby to lie down and play or bask in the sun every morning as well as have a good night’s sleep right on the chair.
The design of the seat is sunken to support the lying position – The most comfortable seat for the baby, better protect the baby’s spine.
Strong 3-point safety belt, resized to fit each child’s body size.
Lovely toys with bright colors and funny shapes will stimulate curiosity and exercise baby’s ability to grasp and practice with.
Especially the toy in the middle will play funny music every time the baby pulls.
The cushion is removable for washing and cleaning, machine washable.
The weight of the chair is light with the ability to fold easily, convenient for the mother to move the vibrating chair around the house.

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